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Health insurance can be a vast and confusing landscape. We work with each client to help them find the health insurance solution that meets their specific needs best. Different types of health insurance can work for different types of people. We believe that there is no such thing as a "One-Size-Fits-All" solution. As such, we work with you to figure which option will work best and help you understand it. Schedule a personal consultation today and we'll help you find the one that's right for you!

Our Protection Solutions

Health Insurance

Whether you are needing help choosing your benefits at work or you are exploring coverage options for you and your family, we will walk with you and help you navigate the best fit for your needs.

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Life Insurance

If you're looking to protect your family financially just in case the worst should happen, or if you are trying to plan for the future, we have solutions that will work for you!

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Medicare Solutions

Medicare can be a new realm of confusing for many people. It can be even worse if you are getting blasted with phone calls. We can help you navigate your options and find which Medicare solution is right for you.

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Financial Coaching

Get on speaking terms with your finances with a personal coach at your side. Need help managing debt? Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want a strategy to a more sustainable way of life? We got you covered

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Disability Insurance

Want some padding for you income in case you are ever unable to work? Disability insurance can help protect you in case of a short-term or long-term disability and help keep you and your family going while you wait to return to work.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Planning for the future can be challenging. The cost of assisted living facilities, home health care, and other long-term care solutions can be expensive, especially if you find yourself on a fixed income. We can help you plan ahead and make sure your long-term care needs will be met.

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Identity Theft Protection

Keep you and your family safe from identity theft. Simple and inexpensive.

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Shop on your own:

Prefer to do things on your own? While not all health insurance options can be purchased on your own, we have several protection solutions you can get quotes for and still have access to an advisor if you have questions or need some extra guidance. If you have questions while you are looking around, give us a call at 806-203-5673 and we'll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have and, if needed, get you to an advisor to help assist you further.

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This is what most people are used to. Your employer offers benefits through your work and helps cover the cost of some of the premiums. Sometimes, adding family to these plans can be expensive. Also, few employers offer help navigating their benefit selection. Whether you just need help understanding the benefits your job offers, or you need a more cost effective solution to protect your family, we are happy to help in any way we can!


For people who don't have benefits through a job, this is most often where people go. The ACA was built to help insurance be more affordable as well as provide insurance coverage for those with major medical needs. Many of these plans can offer more affordable coverage if you are not offered coverage through a job. We can help you navigate these to see if it is a fit for you and your family!

Health Share Programs

Christian Healthcare Ministries and Zion Healthshare are common names when it comes to Health Share Programs. While these are not actually insurance, these can be an affordable alternative for families on a budget who want more control of their medical treatment. Health share progams use a "Sharing" system where all members share the medical expenses of the other members. There are pros and cons to this strategy and can work great if you are aware of how the program works. For more information about how healthshares work here is a helpful article:

Fixed Benefit/Short Term*

Fixed Benefit/Indemnity: Many companies market fixed benefit plans also knows as indemnity plans. While these solutions can be low cost, it is important to not that they do not usually provide comprehensive coverage and you may see more out-of-pocket expenses if something major happens. These plans can be built to give decent coverage at a more affordable rate, but great care should be taken.

Short-Term Insurance: Short-term insurance is built to bridge a gap between when you lose insurance and new insurance begins. We never recommend keeping a short-term insurance plan beyond 3-6 months as there are some terms that can leave you unprotected in a catastrophic event.

*These plans are often marketed as comprehensive insurance. They can work for some people, but understanding how the coverage works is key. If you are unsure if what you have been shown falls into this category, we are happy to take a look at it with you and help you stay informed!